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acupuncture dummy - rear view featuring back shu points
How to prepare for your first acupuncture visit.

1. You should eat food within 6 hours of receiving your treatment. If you have not, a light snack is recommended. It is important that you do not eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol right before your treatment.


2. It is not necessary to disrobe. Wear comfortable clothing that can be pulled up over the knee or over the shoulder, i.e. t-shirt and loose pants. 


3. For an accurate diagnosis, it is important to examine your tongue. If possible, do not brush your tongue the day or your exam and treatment. Additionally, try to avoid coffee, tea, or hard candies within 2 hours of treatment, as these will falsely discolor the tongue.


4. Only pre-sterilized, disposable acupuncture needles are used. Needles are never reused.

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