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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a full body massage using relaxation techniques designed for stress reduction of the mind/body. These techniques include long, gliding strokes using gentle to medium pressure.

60 min––$80   /    90 min––$110 





Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue therapeutic massage targets specific muscle groups according to your specific needs. This massage is beneficial for chronic pain, improving muscle function, reducing muscle soreness, and aiding in recovery.

60 min––$80   /    90 min––$110 


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage utilizes hot basalt stones to melt away stress and tension, bringing deep relaxation and reconnection to the mind and body. The Chinese have also used hot stones for medicine for thousands of years.

90 min––$120 




Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese technique which creates a mild suction on the skin, helping to remove toxins, increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension. [Can be a relaxing alternative to deep tissue massage.]

30 min––$25  

Add on to any Massage


Young Living therapeutic essential oils are diffused/used in massage to promote optimal well being. Specific oils are chosen according to the needs of the individual.


A flat edge instrument is used to remove qi and blood stagnation, promoting healthy circulation and metabolic processes of the body. This ancient Chinese technique helps with pain and muscle tightness.

Hot Stones––$10

Relaxing hot stones warm muscles and melt away stress and tension.

Packages Available:

Buy (5) 1 hr massages for $320
(20% savings)

Buy (5 ) 90 min massages for $412
(25% savings)

Raindrop Therapy Massage

Raindrop therapy massage is a technique that uses acupressure reflex points on the vertebrae and feet, and a sequence of 9 different Young Living therapeutic essential oils, bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance. This technique helps to prevent illness, detoxify at a cellular level, manage chronic pain, and a great way to maintain optimal health, energy and vitality.

90 min––$130 


Pregnancy Massage*

*After 1st Trimester

60 min––$90   /    90 min––$120 


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